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About Us

Founded by Jesse Harmon, the Run Hard Running Team teaches boys and girls how to lead and live an active, healthy and wholesome lifestyle. We do this by focusing on the following core values: Peer Pressure, Perseverance, Wise Choices, Work Ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Honesty, Respect and Honor. The program is divided into eight weeks. Each week consists of two running workouts and character lessons. The lessons are meant to generate conversation and help the participants improve their body and character.

Jesse's Family

Weekly Objectives

Physical Lesson: Build a strong base
  • Slow easy jogging
  • Don’t do too much too fast or you will get injured
Character Lesson: Teamwork
  • Who's on your team?
  • Learn everyone’s name that’s on the team and their interests.
  • Come up with goals and steps to achieve those goals.
Lingo: 5k, Dynamic warm-up
Physical Lesson: Understanding the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle

Character Lesson: Leadership
  • What do we lead? How can we lead better?
  • What are some things we can do to be better leaders?
  • We will read about examples of leaders in history and learn from their success.
Lingo: Cool Down, Pace
Physical Lesson: Complete our first mile!

Character Lesson: Wise Choices
  • What are ways we can make better choices?
  • What are some of the positive and negative influences in our lives?
Lingo: Splits
Physical Lesson: Add length to runs - legs may start to hurt a little by now

Character Lesson: Honesty
  • How does being an honest person help us achieve who we want to be?
  • In what ways are we dishonest and to whom?
  • How can we become a more honest person?
Physical Lesson: Run shorter lengths and faster times

Character Lesson: Perseverance
  • When times get tough do we quit?
  • Look at examples through history of people who didn’t give up.
  • What advantages are there to giving up?
Physical Lesson: We will run a long run of 2 miles this week

Character Lesson: Peer Pressure
  • We will discuss the topic of bullying and how it has a negative effect on us and others
  • What are the actions of a bully? How do they hurt others?
  • How can we stop people from bullying?
Physical Lesson: Our long run will be 2.5 miles as we prepare for our last week of training

Character Lesson: Respect and Honor
  • We will discuss what these terms mean and how to express them
  • How can we show respect to our teachers, family and others?
  • How can we become people who are honorable?
  • How can we show honor to others?
Physical Lesson: We will scale back our runs to prepare for the race

Work Ethic
  • We will unpack the idea of having a good work ethic
  • We will show the students how they have worked hard and because of their hard work they are on the edge of meeting their goal
  • We will show them how this applies to all areas of their lives
  • When you work hard good things happen